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What is the most important thing you've gained through doing videos? :)

Asked by needdyy

Personally? Confidence. I used to be so shy and scared of things. Non-personally, I think an important thing i’ve gained is the voice to help people that might need it x

do you ever feel by making videos & blog posts about anxiety you are possibly making it a popular "thing" for your followers to have ? .... please do not take this the wrong way ! I love you so much & your videos never fail to make me smile ❤️xx

I hope not, I do try to reiterate that it’s very easy to self diagnose. I think it’s important to reassure those who are worried about anxiety or feel alone though. The majority of questions I get asked are about it so I feel like giving back to those who are worried is beneficial for them. I’d rather speak out than say nothing at all. Although will always advise that people seek professional advice as i’m no doctor, I can only go by experience :) 

Has anyone ever used your anxiety against you? I was once told I wasn't a good friend because my anxiety made me negative, and hearing that destroyed me, just wondering if you've ever experienced anything similar and how you dealt with it.

All the time. It’s a very easy thing for someone to manipulate you with. I deal with it by completely ignoring them, which tends to wind them up as it hasn’t affected you. Just remember that it’s a real low blow and you should be questioning the relationship you have with that person if they do it often x

Do you and other youtubers feel completely yourself in front of the camera? Like I know you're pretty relaxed but do you act different off camera, even a little bit?xx

When I am feeling sad, I tend to turn the camera off or just not film, or i’ll try and stay cheery just so i don’t put a huge downer on the videos but besides that, I am always myself. I feel quite comfortable in front of a camera now as it’s been a fair few years. People can often tell if i’m having a bad day, and I think it’s quite nice as we’re not all perfect :) 

Although you love it, is it hard being a youtuber like yourself, is there more to the job then just filming? thank you x

Asked by zoelladreams

There is a lot more to it yes. Emails, Opportunities that YouTubers might be involved in, Sorting out events & meetups, Meetings for up and coming things (Oooo mysterious - an example being the book, that has taken up a lot of time), writing up articles in magazines (myself and Louise are ambassadors for Shout magazine each month), photoshoots for press, tv things (like loose women), editing takes a long time for me (i’m a bit slow and a perfectionist), especially at the moment as i’m doing it everyday on my second channel. There is also a lot of networking and then there is sponsorships with brands that a youtuber might be working with. Blogging (although i’m just plain crap at that haha) but that involves taking the photos, editing them, writing them up and a lot of people do this daily. Alongside all these things there might also be travelling for certain meetings or things like vidcon which can throw you off a bit. I also like to try and stay on top of all my social media, so i’ll be reading comments a lot on my channels, taking down requests for videos, replying to some comments, tweeting, instagramming etc :) I wouldn’t change it for the world although there is definitely more to it than just filming :) 

How do you know if you're in an unhealthy relationship? When is it time to end things?

When you find that you are sad and upset more than you are happy. When you find it difficult to remember the last happy time you had together. When you feel as though you are having to change yourself to make the other person happy. Life is too short for any of these things to be taking up your time xx