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when zoella says she’s editing her videos, what exactly is she editing?? her videos are all about 20 mins long with about a minute of actual, entertaining footage

MEOW! I’ve been editing videos since 2009. It’s a pretty standard procedure when making videos. I edit colour, I edit out bits where I go wrong. I’m guessing you haven’t seen many of my videos…or daily vlogs where I have EDITED EVERY SINGLE DAY. *eye roll* 

I understand if you don't want to awnser this but how did you and Alfie keep quiet for so long without anyone saying anything and why did you choose that? Ps ily with all my heart💕💕

I guess when you are in a new relationship anyway, it’s all very new and exciting and you’re still finding out about one another, and as we both had viewers, we didn’t want that personal process for us to be magnified by other people also discovering us as a couple too. We also worried about the prospect of us ever breaking up and how that would affect viewers if it was made public before we were very sure of our relationship. I had also come out of a sour relationship and had a bad break up so it was a difficult time for me anyway. We were always going to mention it at some point if we got stronger as a couple, but we were just waiting for the right moment. (although we don’t mind that Jim exposed it haha) as we were pretty close to saying something by the point and all our friends knew etc. :) 

You are so good at interacting with your subscribers. You truly never neglect any! It's so lovely to see you chat on here with tumblr users, a smile do form :) Hope you are enjoying your night, Zoe! Remember you're the sweetest. (A little cheesy message, I know haha, but hopefully a smile will appear)

Asked by perrieedvards

A smile DID appear, and it was a big’un x

It's okay if you don't want to answer this but what happened with your last major relationship before Alfie (you mentioned in your Draw Your Life video)? How did you get over it?

Asked by bonywrist

I don’t really want to go into too much detail but it was a very controlling relationship and my ex lied to me a lot and went behind my back (There is a lot more to it but I have never talked about it all online) Sometimes I still get down about it, and it creeps up on me and I get very upset. I don’t think i’m 100% over it just yet, but I’m hoping that’s normal after being hurt very badly…hopefully soon it will completely disappear from my mind :) I’m just very happy i’m not in that place anymore x