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Hi zoe! have you stopped your vlogs?because when you started vlogging June you said that you were vlogging into July, I loved your vlogs and I'm just hopping that you'll be carrying on 💖:)

I had a few days of resting time but I already have another vlog from the Harry Potter meet and greet to upload. Trying to work out a good way of doing regular vlogs without the pressure of every single day, possibly every other day? Or every 3 days. Would love to know the viewers feedback :)


when zoella says she’s editing her videos, what exactly is she editing?? her videos are all about 20 mins long with about a minute of actual, entertaining footage

MEOW! I’ve been editing videos since 2009. It’s a pretty standard procedure when making videos. I edit colour, I edit out bits where I go wrong. I’m guessing you haven’t seen many of my videos…or daily vlogs where I have EDITED EVERY SINGLE DAY. *eye roll*